Fortifying Futures: Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Security Solutions

Ready to upgrade your security?

Contact us to explore the incredible benefits of our access control systems for doors tailored to businesses. Strengthen your security with our expert door access control systems and seamless surveillance camera installation. Ensure peace of mind with our top-notch alarm system installation services. Reach out now and take the first step towards a safer future!

End-to-End Management

We manage the entire process, from initial consulting to post-installation servicing. We ensure your security equipment operates optimally, providing lasting peace of mind.

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Need

Our expertise spans the spectrum from commercial enterprises to residential spaces. Whatever your requirements, trust us to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique commercial and residential needs.

Functional Spaces, Seamless Integration

Our forte is designing and installing functional spaces. We create security solutions that integrate into your environment, ensuring they work and enhance your space's overall functionality.

Diverse Services for Total Security

Explore a range of services covering door access, surveillance cameras, alarms, data solutions, wifi access points, and automation. Our comprehensive offerings ensure that all aspects of your security needs are addressed under one roof.


Future-Proof Your Connectivity

Elevate your business with our planning, design, installation, and maintenance of structured network cable, fiber optics backbone lines, and CAT 6 and RG6 cabling.

  • Installation and maintenance of structured network cable
  • Fiber optics backbone lines expertise
  • CAT 6 and RG6 cabling solutions
  • Planning and design services for seamless connectivity
  • Reliable support for your cabling requirements

Visionary Security Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, we excel in providing top-notch surveillance system equipment and installation throughout the GTA. Prioritizing product quality and customer support, we offer the best surveillance technology.

  • High-quality surveillance system equipment
  • Skilled installation services
  • Over 20 years of experience in the GTA area
  • Emphasis on product quality
  • Dedicated customer support

Control at Your Fingertips

Experience advanced access control systems that track employee, visitor, and equipment movements. Seamlessly integrated with video systems, these solutions ensure secure access within your premises.

  • Advanced access control systems
  • Tracking of employee, visitor, and equipment movements
  • Integration with video systems
  • Secure access within your premises
  • User-friendly control interfaces

Organize for Efficiency

Ensure precise, reliable, and easy-to-maintain systems in rack cabinets with our cable organization services. From system cable bundles to patch cords, we optimize your infrastructure for efficiency.

  • Proficient cable organization services
  • Clear and reliable system in rack cabinets
  • Easy-to-maintain infrastructure
  • Optimization of system cable bundles
  • Patchcord organization for seamless functionality

Smart Living, Simplified

Transform your home into a smart haven with our diverse hardware options for your specific application. Enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling and automating household systems with our home automation solutions.

  • Diverse hardware options for home automation
  • Tailored solutions for specific applications
  • Remotely control and automate household systems
  • Smart living made easy
  • Comprehensive home automation services

Clear Communication, Efficient Connectivity

Embrace the future of communication with our voice-over IP technologies. Transmit telephone calls over an IP network seamlessly and explore our analog services tailored to your business's unique needs.

  • Voice over IP technologies for clear communication
  • Seamless transmission of telephone calls over an IP network
  • Future-ready communication solutions
  • Analog services customized for business needs
  • Efficient connectivity for your business

ECG Data Solutions offers surveillance camera and intercom system installation, network cabling, and wifi access points for businesses across Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oakville, and Barrie.